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Born for Facebook/Google Ads marketing —— HL-Card virtual credit card platform

HL-Card is a virtual card platform dedicated to Facebook/Google/TikTok Ads marketing and e-commerce.

The virtual card BINs are currently in operation

  • UK BIN 238003
  • UK BIN 223430
  • UK BIN 235019
  • UK BIN 223600

About the HL-Card virtual card price

Card opening fee: $2, Recharge service fee: 4%

How to create an HL-Card account?

Please contact TG:@vccbus,Detailed Inquiry

HL-Card virtual credit card platform

How to use HL-Card virtual card?

Using the HL-Card virtual card is very simple.

The first step is to register for an HL-Card account, the second step is to contact customer service to recharge, and the third step is to create a virtual credit card.

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