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Month: June 2024

FomeCard virtual credit card issuing platform, with no KYC required, suitable for various online subscription services and ad marketing

FomeCard Introduction FOME Limited, the operator of the FomeCard virtual card platform, is a leading global fintech company headquartered in Hong Kong, focusing on providing cross-border payments and one-stop fund management solutions for merchants and financial institutions. The FomeCard global card issuing business is a VISA and Mastercard virtual card…

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Analysis of three different virtual credit card models: Reload each card separately/Shared balance/Fixed balance

Top up each virtual card separately Some card issuers call it a “recharge card” or “prepaid value card”. It is a separate method of transferring funds to recharge each virtual card, that is, each card requires a separate deposit amount, and the balance within each virtual card is independent. The…

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How to switch a TikTok Ads account from a prepay to a postpaid automatic payment model?

Three payment methods for TikTok Ads Recently, I received an email from TikTok Ads informing me that the account can be switched to the “Automatic Payment” billing mode. TikTok Ads accounts in the US start with a pre-recharge method by default. The advertising fee starts at $10. The pre-recharge model…

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