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VMCardio virtual credit card VCC service provider, multi-card BINs online virtual card issuing platform

What is VMCardio?

The VMcardio virtual card platform is an online virtual card issuing platform for commercial users. It is particularly suitable for online marketing, e-commerce, air travel reservations, and corporate procurement.

Why VMCardio virtual card?

  • The VMcardio virtual card has rich card BIN resources. Currently, there are more than 40 card BINs to choose from, more card BINs will be launched in the future.
  • The VMcardio virtual card has a low cost of use. Whether it is a card issuance fee or recharge rate, it has a great advantage in the same industry
  • For commercial customers, you can create up to an unlimited number of virtual cards
VMCardio Virutal Card Bins

About the price

The card issuance fee is $2-$3/card, and the recharge fee rate is 1%-3%.

What are the deposit methods?

  1. Payoneer transfers
  2. WorldFirst transfers
  3. iPaylink transfers
  4. Cryptocurrency USDT transfers

How to sign up for a VMCardio account?

You can only register for VMcardio via this link:

Just fill in your information as required and register.

Create VMCardio Account,VMCardio Invitation code: 423282

After registration is complete, first go to the “Funds” page to deposit funds.

Choose the deposit method that’s right for you. Here recommend USDT cryptocurrency deposits, which can be instantly credited. Fiat currency transfers require manual review, and delivery time will be delayed.

Top Up VMCardio VCC

Once the deposit is received, you can create the virtual cards.

This is when I was working in online marketing and e-commerce, payment details for various expenses using the VMcardio virtual card.

VMcardio virtual card payment details for various expenses.

VMCardio virtual card platform features

  • The card is valid for 1-2 years and can be recharged and used repeatedly during the validity period
  • You can delete the card at any time. After deleting the card, the balance on the card is returned to the account and can be used to create a new card
  • For Facebook ad users, the platform can view the verification code
  • Provide real-time transaction details
  • You can create up to an unlimited number of cards
  • The platform has online customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact customer service
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