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Hong Kong virtual credit card BIN 418122 payment for TikTok Ads is OK!

The BIN 418122 virtual card is a commercial-grade virtual credit card issued by financial institutions in Hong Kong. Previously, this BIN card was only available for a small number of users to test on a small scale, but now it is open to all users.

The BIN 418122 virtual card supports 3DS security verification, VISA card organization, supports batch card creation, and supports e-commerce and online marketing purposes such as AliExpress, Shopee, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, eBay, etc.

A chargeback rate of less than 10% is required, and a refund rate of less than 4% is required. The maximum amount for a single purchase is $350, and the annual spending limit is $3,000. The card is valid for 3 years and can be recharged and used repeatedly during the validity period. It has been tested earlier and is suitable for TikTok ads.

So, where can I create a BIN 418122 virtual card?

The VMcardio virtual card platform currently operates this card BIN. If required, you can create this virtual card yourself through the VMcardio platform.

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