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FotonCard’s “Confirmed Merchants” feature helps you choose the right card BIN for Facebook Ads

Currently, 23 virtual card BINs operate on the FotonCard platform, and more card BINs will be added to the shelves soon.

If you are using the FotonCard virtual card platform for your online marketing and e-commerce purposes for the first time, in the face of so many card BINs, which card BIN should you choose?

In order to solve the problem of users choosing a BIN card, FotonCard has developed a “Confirmed Merchants” function. It is possible to search the system’s previous successful payment records to help users select the appropriate card BIN.

Go to the ‘Virtual Card’ — ‘Create’ page and you’ll see this button.

FotonCard “Confirmed Merchants” function

Here’s an example. You need to use a virtual card to pay for Facebook Ads advertising fees and enter the keyword “Facebook” to find out which card BIN has a high success rate on Facebook. You can choose to use these card BINs.

Choose the right Card Bin for Facebook Ads

In the same way, if you run an Etsy store, then enter the keyword “Etsy,” and these card BINs you find are suitable for paying Etsy bills, Etsy Ads, etc.

Choose the right Card Bin for Etsy Ads

It is important to note that: ”The following payment successful list is collected by the system within recent 30 days records. It does not mean that the virtual cards are limited to the following merchants. For card BINs that are published recently, the records mignt be less. Note: The actual payment pass rate of virtual card is limited by many factors (such as KYC or risk control policies of each merchant, etc.), and FotonCard DOSE NOT guarantee 100% payment pass rate in all scenarios.“

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