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Which VCC BIN works for Google Cloud? Virtual Card for Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a cloud computing service that internet marketers love and is ideal for building blogs or e-commerce websites. In particular, its computer rooms in Hong Kong and Taiwan are very fast to reach target customers in Asia.

To buy a Google Cloud server, you need to use a Mastercard or Visa credit card to pay. Currently, there are many virtual card VCC service providers on the Internet, so how do you choose a virtual card suitable for Google Cloud?

I introduced FotonCard’s Confirmed Merchants feature in my previous article. Of course, if you need to find a virtual card with a high payment success rate to purchase Google Cloud services, then you can also use this feature.

After completing your FotonCard account registration, find the “Confirmed Merchants” button on the Create Card page and click to enter. Enter the merchant name, such as “Google Cloud”, so you can check from the FotonCard system which cards have successfully paid in Google Cloud in the last 30 days. You can refer to this search results and select this card BIN to create a virtual card.

VCC Virtual Card for Google Cloud

Similarly, if you need to find a suitable card BIN to buy other servers such as AWS, AlibabaCloud, Vultr, OVH VPS, Kamatera VPS, etc., this is also the same operation.

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