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How to register a US TikTok Ads Account? Best virtual card for TikTok Ads

I just recently signed up for a US TikTok Ads Account to drive traffic to my independent e-commerce site by placing ads on TikTok.

I found a TikTok Ads account seller on Fiverr who was able to open TikTok Ads accounts for Europe, the US, and Australia, and also installed the Pixel pixel on my behalf.

  1. Email account
  2. Pre-set password (can be changed after account registration is complete)
  3. Website link
Create a TikTok Ads ad account through Fiverr

Signing up for a US TikTok Ads Account costs just US$10. The total amount paid plus tax was $12.55.

Three ways to pay for TikTok Ads advertising

  • Prepay, i.e. top up first and then run the ad
  • Automatic Payment, where you pay for your ads after you run them
  • Monthly Invoicing, where TikTok provides a certain amount of credit to eligible accounts to pay for ads every month

TikTok ad accounts in the US start as pre-funded by default, with ad fees starting at $10. The FotonCard virtual card can be used to pay for advertising.

FotonCard virtual card BINs support TikTok Ads

However, I recently received an email from TikTok Ads informing me that I can now switch to the “Automatic Payment” debit method for my account.

I see the following disadvantages to the pre-recharge model:

  1. If the top-up amount is small, the campaign will be suspended when the balance is low and the campaign will end before the climax, which will not achieve the promotional effect
  2. If you have topped up too much and do not intend to run the ad again, then it is very troublesome to refund the balance, you must close the ad account at the same time and add a bank account to receive the refund, and it takes up to 60 days to receive the refund

Automatic payment means that you can deduct as much as you use, making it easy to control costs.

A few notes from the official customer service when paying for TikTok Ads in the US:

  • Try not to use an internet proxy, it may be considered fraudulent and lead to payment failure
  • Use cards issued in the US, cards issued elsewhere may fail
  • Prepaid cards are not supported
  • Cards must support 3DS security verification
  • A clean browser environment is recommended, e.g. clearing cookies cache, using no trace mode, etc.
Steps to Create TikTok Ads Ads

Which regions are US TikTok Ads accounts currently available to place ads in?

The 10 regions are Canada, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

How to create ads and place TikTok ads?

If you have placed other advertising platforms, then you are no stranger to the steps to create an ad in TikTok.

Set your ad placement goals: connect with customers, drive traffic to your website, collect customer information, and increase conversions.

Set the region of delivery.

Set the audience type, automatic audience or manually set the audience based on age, gender, behavioral interests, etc.

Set the app for placement, besides Tik Tok, it can also be shown on the platforms Pangle, TopBuzz, BuzzVideo, NewsPublic, and Babe.

Set the daily budget and total budget.

Set the time for the ad to be placed, here it is set according to the UTC-05:00 time zone, note the conversion with Beijing time.

If you already have a TikTok video account, you can directly select one of the videos to be placed. If you don’t have one, upload a video or image here and the system will automatically generate the creative.

Set the ad name and ad copy description.

Enter the landing page URL.

After that post it for review, it will be approved in a few minutes if there are no problems. Wait for the set time to start showing.

Bro, I wish you a lot of money by placing TikTok ads! haha

Effectiveness of advertising on TikTok
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