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Tag: FotonCard VCC

Using a virtual credit card VCC to subscribe to Patreon is a great option

What is Patreon? Patreon is a very popular content creation platform recently. Similar to Medium, Matter.Town, etc. As far as I know, some YouTubers have migrated some content creations to Patreon to expand their influence. Content creators can post high-quality content such as articles, images, videos, and e-books on Patreon…

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With the best crypto virtual card issuing FotonCard, you can spend cryptocurrencies like fiat

Although FotonCard is a virtual card service provider for online marketing, e-commerce, and international procurement, I also think it is the best crypto virtual card issuing service. This is due to the fact that FotonCard allows users to top up using the cryptocurrency USDT. In other words, users can add…

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Where to find the 3DS verification code? When using the FotonCard virtual credit card pay Facebook Ads

When you select FotonCard’s BIN 472593 virtual card for pay ads, you encounter a 3D security verification situation. As shown in the following figure, choose to use email to receive the verification code. First, click the three-dot button after the card number information, then select the OTP button. You can…

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