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Using a virtual credit card VCC to subscribe to Patreon is a great option

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a very popular content creation platform recently. Similar to Medium, Matter.Town, etc. As far as I know, some YouTubers have migrated some content creations to Patreon to expand their influence. Content creators can post high-quality content such as articles, images, videos, and e-books on Patreon to attract the attention of fans, and then earn revenue in the form of paid subscriptions or charges for specific content.

What are the payment methods for Patreon subscriptions, and how to pay?

Some content creators set up a monthly subscription model with a fixed monthly subscription fee, such as $5 per month. Another type is to set a fee model for certain original high-quality content, and users need to buy it separately before they can watch it.

Currently, there are only two payment methods on Patreon: credit card and Paypal, as shown below:

Personally, I’m usually used to paying with a credit card.

If you don’t plan to use a bank credit card, you can also apply for a virtual credit card, such as the FotonCard virtual credit card platform. You can register, recharge, and create a virtual card yourself according to the instructions.

Since FotonCard provides dozens of card BINs to choose from, if you have no choice, you can use the “Confirmed Merchants” function in the FotonCard dashboard to select the card bins suitable for Patreon payments, as shown in the following figure:

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