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How to switch a TikTok Ads account from a prepay to a postpaid automatic payment model?

Three payment methods for TikTok Ads

  • Prepay, that is, recharge first and then run ads
  • Automatic payment, that is, run ads first, then pay
  • Monthly invoicing, that is, TikTok provides a certain credit limit to eligible accounts to settle advertising fees on a monthly basis

Recently, I received an email from TikTok Ads informing me that the account can be switched to the “Automatic Payment” billing mode. TikTok Ads accounts in the US start with a pre-recharge method by default. The advertising fee starts at $10. The pre-recharge model has the following disadvantages:

  1. If the deposit amount is low, the advertising campaign will be suspended when the balance is insufficient after running, and it will end before reaching a climax, and the promotion effect will not be achieved
  2. If you recharge too much and don’t plan to run ads in the future, then the balance refund is very troublesome. To apply for a refund, you must close the advertising account at the same time, and add a bank account, and it will take up to 60 days to receive the refund

The automatic payment model is how much you use to deduct how much, and the cost is easy to control.

Switch to the automatic payment model step

Accounts can only switch to automatic payment if they receive notifications that meet the conditions.

Click the “Switch” button.

Switching TikTok Ads paid mode, step 1

A prompt box with simple instructions for automatic payments appears.

Switching TikTok Ads paid mode, step 2

Add a payment method, which can be a credit card or PayPal. The system initiates a $10 pre-authorization, which will be revoked within 15 days, and the switch will fail if the balance in the selected payment card is insufficient. At this point, the linked Mastercard virtual card failed due to insufficient balance, and then changed to another credit card.

Switching TikTok Ads paid mode, step 3

After switching to an automatic payment model, the next advertising fee will be deducted from the previous account balance first before being charged to the credit card. The ad bill generated will be deducted when it reaches the threshold ($20 here) or on the settlement date (April 2 here), whichever comes first.

Switching TikTok Ads paid mode, step 4

Points to note from customer service when paying for US TikTok Ads

  • Please use a card issued in the US; cards issued in other regions may fail
  • Prepaid cards are not supported
  • The card must support 3DS security verification
  • It is recommended that the browser environment be clean, such as cleaning the cookie cache, using incognito mode, etc.

You can create a virtual credit card with FotonCard to pay for TikTok Ads.

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