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Forward2me—The best UK parcel forwarding service, Get a free UK address for worldwide shipping


Forward2me is a British local forwarding company founded in 2010 and has a history of more than ten years. The company name is Forward2me Limited, registered in England and Wales, registration number 07323718, VAT number GB994692942, and provides global package forwarding services.

I have used this UK forwarder a number of times. Overall, there are no obvious shortcomings, except that the shipping costs are slightly more expensive. According to Trustpilot feedback data, most users generally have a good review of this company, with a user satisfaction rating of 4.5, which is considered to be relatively comprehensive among local forwarding companies in the UK.

forward2me trustpilot reviews

Forward2me account registration and shipping payment

You can register directly on the official website using an email address. There are no registration fees or membership fees. Some US forwarding companies I have used before charge money to register and open an account. This is quite a matter of conscience. In fact, the matter of charging account registration fees is not incomprehensible. Their forwarding company also has to pay labor costs to process these packages. If everyone sends junk mail packages to the forwarding company and doesn’t pay to forward them in the end, the forwarding company doesn’t do it either. Of course, for our users, it’s a savings of money.

Forward2me is a warehousing and logistics company that focuses on international shopping. Under normal circumstances, users are not required to do real-name authentication like renting a virtual email address to collect letters, but if they use another German warehouse to transfer packages, according to the German government’s requirements for forward2me, users will be required to provide a passport and a copy of the utility bill for identity authentication and proof of address. The address on the utility bill must match the delivery address. This is important to note!

Also, if you plan to use PayPal to pay for shipping, it is recommended that the email address used to register your Forward2me account is the same as the email address for your PayPal account. For fraud prevention reasons, forward2me will send a verification email at the time of the initial payment to confirm that the user matches the PayPal account before you can pay with PayPal. Some users have encountered cases where they are unable to pay due to inconsistencies between the two email addresses, and it doesn’t work to find someone else to pay for them. Of course, credit card payments are also supported.

Forward2me provides four transit warehouse addresses

Forward2me now provides four warehouse addresses, namely the UK General Warehouse, the UK Duty-Free Warehouse, the German Warehouse, and the Japan Warehouse. Among them, the Japanese warehouse is in Japanese format, making it easier to import in Japan. Previously, there was also a Turkish warehouse, which was later removed from the shelves. The forwarding company also adjusted the warehouse address according to its own business needs or changes in objective circumstances.

In the address format provided, the recipient name is the pinyin of our user name, with no extra prefixes and suffixes. The warehousing identification code is in the address column, and the practice of some forwarding companies I have used before usually places the warehousing identification code in the name. Essentially, it matches users through the warehousing identification code, but wouldn’t it be more beautiful to put it in the address column, in some cases, it’s more convenient to use. The following is the address style of an ordinary forwarding warehouse in the UK:

  • Name: Example
  • Address: 190588 York House Green Lane West
  • City: Preston
  • Postcode: PR3 1NJ

Each warehouse will have different courier companies to choose from to forward goods depending on the situation. There are several courier companies to choose from if you use a regular warehouse in the UK for forwarding while using a UK duty-free warehouse, you can only send DHL.

According to the official website, the German forwarding warehouse is located in a small town called Merseburg, and Merseburg is only a 30-minute drive from Leipzig. Leipzig’s Halle International Airport is the main European hub for DHL Aviation, a subsidiary of DHL, which specializes in shipping, so forwarding to a delivery address within Europe using the for2wardme German warehouse is almost the fastest compared to other forwarding companies. Amazon has a 75,000-square-meter distribution center in Leipzig. Using its German warehouses, Amazon has a physical time-efficiency advantage in purchasing on the German Amazon.

forward2me UK GE warehouse

Package entry and forwarding

Every time a package enters the warehouse, the registered email will receive a warehouse receipt reminder, indicating information such as the size, weight, etc. of this package. forward2me provides a photo of the package’s exterior for free. If you need more photos, please contact customer service for an additional fee.

forward2me photo

After that, all you need to do is fill in information such as the name of the contents of the package, the value of the goods, etc., then you can select a courier company and pay the shipping fee to initiate the transfer. According to previous user experience, you can leave the warehouse on the same day after paying the shipping fee. If you choose cheap express delivery, it may be one or two days late, and the processing speed is quite good.

Some other services provided by forward2me

  • Item inspection and scanning services. For example, for some electronic products, you can ask forward2me to check whether they can boot properly, or scan relevant shopping receipt information. As for personal mail scanning, this service should not be provided.
  • Destruction and return services. For items you do not intend to need, you can choose to destroy or return them after entering the warehouse. Among them, the destruction treatment service is free. There is a 24-hour grace period after the destruction order is initiated. You can also contact customer service within 24 hours to withdraw the processing instructions. If it exceeds 24 hours, they will be completely destroyed and cannot be recovered.
  • For cross-border sellers who work on Amazon and eBay in the UK and do not have overseas warehouses, forward2me UK warehouses provide return management services for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Buyers’ returned items are returned here centrally, and then uniformly transferred back to the country.
  • A 30-day free storage service is provided, and after more than 30 days a daily management fee of £0.5 is charged.
  • Package consolidation service. If multiple packages are stored one after another over a period of time, these packages can be shipped together to save on shipping costs. Each package costs £2.
  • If they are purchased in bulk, or there are bulky heavy goods such as furniture that need to be transferred, they can also do it, just contact customer service to discuss prices.
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